Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Danger Mouse is Back!

Danger Mouse is back! And Penfold too!
Danger Mouse, the secret agent who was a 1980s TV star, has returned to our screens.  According to the wise people who release stats on TV ratings, Danger Mouse is a "colossal hit" with young audiences, topping the ratings in the UK. This is excellent news for the British animation industry, since Danger Mouse is a home grown hit, and is brought to life by Dublin based Boulder Animation, who - according to their website - are "always looking" for talented artists and animators to join their staff.  So, what are you waiting for? Time for our animation graduates to polish their demo reels and send in their CVs!

Danger Mouse returned to the nation's TV screens on September 28th, almost a quarter century after the last series aired.  A co-production between CBBC and FremantleMedia Kids & Family, the show attracted plenty of top acting talent, including Brian Blessed and the ubiquitous Stephen Fry.

Boulder Media, based in Dublin, Ireland,  are doing the actual animation.  Boulder Media, by the way, are the people who brought you The Amazing World of Gumball  -  a very cool show.

Boulder Media's website says they are looking for "experienced 3D Animators" with the following skills:
  • Proven 3DS Max/Maya software skills, preferably on a long form animation series
  • A strong grasp of the basic animation fundamentals and a great work ethic
  • Must be able to work to a weekly quota
  • Must have good creative vision and be detail orientated
  • Must be flexible, willing to learn and self-motivated
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
So why not apply? Of course, you might get turned down. But the trick with applying for jobs is to have a great demo reel, keep at it, and don't accept defeat. Here's a handy guide to what it takes to find your first job in the animation industry.

And, just to take the old folks around here on a trip down memory lane, here's a clip of classic 1980's Danger Mouse. Enjoy!


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