Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Escapee David Mattock 10 Yrs of Full Rotation

Congratulations to Escapee David Mattock who will shortly celebrate ten years of successful freelance animation with his company Full Rotation.

Full Rotation provides animated films and videos, including motion graphics, for individuals and corporate clients. He has also completed a very useful "Intro to Maya" video, free for beginners learning the software. You can find it here - it's a great introduction to Maya basics.

David Mattock
David Mattock took our animation course at Escape Studios almost 10 years ago, getting a thorough grounding in 3D animation techniques. 

To see more of David's work, follow the link to his character and creature work at Vimeo.  You can also see his general showreel here.

David's career underlines how broad and diverse the modern animation industry has beecome, with animators being able to run successful small businesses online, servicing clients all over the world. Congratulations to David on making such a success of his animation career.

To see more about David and his work, see this article here at the Escape Studios official site.

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