Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Book Recommendation: Prepare to Board!

Prepare to Board! by Nancy Beiman is the main book we are recommending to our students of storyboarding here at Escape Studios. This is an excellent book from a master animator who now teaches at Sheridan College in Canada.

Nancy was a supervising animator at Disney (most notably on Hercules) and (like many 2D animators) she does storyboards and character design as well as animation.

Our 8 week storyboarding course here at Escape Studios started off two weeks ago and is already off to a flying start, with immediate and visible improvements being made in all our students' work in a very short time.

Last night students were taught by Krystal Georgiou, a very talented board artist who boards on Digby at Blue Zoo animation, one of the UK's leading independent animation houses.

We're excited to see how our students do with the industry live brief - working to professional standards on a real storyboard project for a UK studio.

There is also a great companion guide to the book available for free here:

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