Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Invisible Visual Effects - The Best Kept-Secret of the Movie Business

Suffragette reel from Union Visual Effects on Vimeo.

This excellent article at the Daily Telegraph explains why "invisible effects are Hollywood's best kept secret". Of course, everyone knows about the eye-popping visual effects work that brings us flying spaceships, massive explosions, and fantasy creatures of all kinds. But the movie business is now full of effects that no-one even notices. Digital crowds bring an empty racetrack to life in "Suffragette" (see the video above).  Effects artists remove acne from a famous actress having a bad skin day - the 3D artists who make these effects are the unsung heroes of our industry.

And what does this mean for our students? It means, of course, jobs, and plenty of them. No studio now employs a cast of thousands to bring ancient pyramids to life.

Instead, they get a VFX house to create digital crowds. Far cheaper, and much easier to manipulate.

What if your lead actress has an outbreak of acne on the day you are filming her close-up? No problem - VFX can fix that.

Visual Effects houses can paint out tattoos, fix bad hair, get rid of zits, and even make actors look twenty years younger.  Actors can even pop down for a quick body and face scan so that in twenty years time they can look just like they used to, thanks to the magic of VFX.

To see the full article, follow this link.

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