Friday, 18 September 2015

Nephtali - Glen Keane's Latest Masterpiece

Ever wondered what master animator Glen Keane has been up to since he left Disney back in 2012? "Nephtali" is what.  In this beautiful short film combining live action with animation, Glen shows why he is regarded as one of the best animators alive.  I was lucky enough to have worked with him on "Pocahontas" back in 1993, and his animation notes for newbies like me are still among the most valuable training materials I use in the classroom. In this film, Glen shows us why traditional 2D animation still matters.

Glen worked on some of the best Disney films of recent years. He was director and later animation director on Rapunzel, and there is hardly a Disney film since Fox and Hound that didn't have his imprint.  Worshipped by the animators at Disney, he was one of a new generation of artists who came to the Disney studio in the 1980s and worked to revive its fortunes after the death of the studio's founder, Walt Disney.

Here at Escape we want all our students to understand the history of our medium, so that they can learn from the very best of the past masters as well as the latest technology.

Glen Keane is a modern master of the medium of animation, and deserves our respect.


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