Thursday, 6 February 2020

Jessie Ilham to Teach Toonboom Harmony

Jessie Ilham
We're delighted to welcome our newest animation tutor Jessie Ilham to teach our summer class in Toonboom Harmony in June 2020.

Jessie was educated at Sheridan College in Canada, one of the world's leading animation schools, and was a Lead Breakdown Artist at BrownBag Films before moving to Blue Zoo animation in London. Her many credits include the Disney feature film "Princess and the Frog".

She is an experienced animator and rigger in ToonBoom Harmony, and has also trained teams of rigging artists, scene setup and layout artists.

About Jessie Ilham
Jessie is an experienced animation who is also has experience working in other production departments such as Design, FX and  Compositing.  She has worked in the games industry as a Senior Game Artist at DHX Media Interactive.

Jessie also has experience upervising , training, and directing junior artists, and can also teach rigging in Toonboom Harmony as well as animation.

Jessie is currently working at Blue Zoo animation in London, working in their new 2D animation studio, whose animation pipeline is built around the software package Toonboom Harmony, the same software she will be teaching on our summer animation course.

Jessie Ilham's Demo Reel
To see some of Jessie's animation, take a look at her demo reel below. 
Jessie Ilham's Demo Reel from Jessie Ilham on Vimeo.

Jessie Ilham Online Portfolio
To see Jessie's official site, follow this link.

12 Week Course in Toonboom Harmony
To sign up for our 12 week course in Toonboom Harmony, follow this link

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