Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Jerich0 Wins Best Animation in Budapest

Congratulations to the makers of Jerich0, which has won Best Animation at the Budapest Independent Film Festival 2020.

This is the latest in a long string of awards for the film, which was directed by Sarah Andrews and completed by our third year undergraduate animation students, as part of PR6001, a Studio Project module worth 60 credits.

About Jerich0
Jerich0 is a short film about a lonely robot who builds a friend.  Jerich0 was shortlisted for a student BAFTA, and won Best Animation and Best VFX at the 2019 Nexus Film Festival.  It won an award in the 2019 Zero Budget Film Festival, was a finalist in the 2019 Deep Focus Film Festival, and won Best Animation at the 2019 Melrose Film Festival in Orlando, Florida.

Jerich0 in festivals
Jerich0 continues to enjoy festival success, having being recently accepted into a number of upcoming festivals, including:
Festival Success
Many other short student films at Escape Studios have been entering and winning animation festivals in recent months. 

Last week "Adam & Eve Mk II", directed by Sebastian Kuder, celebrated a double win at last Saturday's Wild Indie Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival. "Adam & Eve Mk II" picked up two laurels; Runner Up in the Category of "Short Film Under 5 minutes", and Runner Up in the category of "Best Digital VFX". 

About Adam & Eve Mk II
Adam & Eve: Mk II is a sci-fi re-telling of the Genesis story, written and directed by Sebastian Kuder, who has directed and animated a number of short films at Escape Studios over the last three years, including Planet Mars and The Good Old Days.  Adam & Eve: Mk II has won a number of awards including the ICONA Audience Award in the Best Student Short Film category in December. It also won the award for Best Short Film Under 5 Minutes at the Arch 1 Festival of Film in London in October, and best Sci-Fi at the Golden Nugget Film Festival.

Adam & Eve Mk II has been selected for four new upcoming festivals:
Adam & Eve Mk II is in "MOVE Summit" in Edinburgh
Offcut by Petroc Menuhin
Offcut, a musical odyssey set inside a luthier's workshop, has also been winning awards. Offcut was directed by third year animation student Petroc Menuhin, produced by Tosin Ogunleye and Ethen Dent.  

Offcut follows the adventures of a discarded scrap of wood who comes to life and finds meaning in music, and has been selected for two upcoming festivals:
Offcut at IMDB
You can find Offcut at the IMDB here.

"Flame" is in Canterbury Anifest 28 Feb-March 1st
Flame, directed by Cherelle Owusu and produced by Carolina Xavier, has recently been accepted into three upcoming festivals:
Golden Acorn 
Golden Acorn directed by Maciej Osuch has been selected for the Bucharest ShortCut CineFest which takes place in Bucharest on 16th April 2020.

Home Sweet Home
Multi-award winning Home Sweet Home, directed by Maria Robertson is in three upcoming festivals:
Congratulations to all our talented students and Escapees on their continued success.

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