Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Animation Showreel Clinic Tonight

The Demo Reel Doctor is back.  Our next Animation Showreel Clinic takes place at Escape Studios tonight, wednesday 5th February, from 5.30pm until 7pm, with a special guest from Framestore.

The event is all about animation demo reels: how to make them, how to perfect them, and how to use them to land your first job in the industry.

If you're working on your animation demo reel and you'd like to make your reel the best it possibly can be - come along this evening.

Lead Animator from Framestore
Escape Studios has arranged for a Lead Animator from Framestore to visit us; this is a great opportunity to get feedback from a master, and also an opportunity to make new contacts.

Work Fitness Week Centre
This showreel event is part our Work Fitness Week - which is all about making sure our graduates and Escapees are ready for the workplace.  To book a place, our undergraduate and post-graduate students should go to the Work Fitness Centre online.

Andrew Brassington
Andrew Brassington
You can also email the event organiser, Andrew Brassington, at

Where and when
The event starts today at 5.30pm and takes place in Room 1.1 from 5.30pm until 7pm at 190 High Holborn London WC1.

What is a demo reel clinic all about?
It's all about what's involved in making a great animation demo reel. Putting together an excellent reel is the ultimate goal for all of our students here at Escape Studios. Your demo reel is your shopfront, your display of talent, and the key to finding work in the industry. Work on your reel never really stops; it's always a work in progress.

Why do students need to polish their demo reel?
Because many students do great work, but then fall at the final hurdle - cutting and presenting their demo reel.  Our industry guest will address some of the key mistakes animation artists make when creating and sharing their demo reels, and show our students the key things they need to do in order to make the best of their work and stand out from the crowd.

How much does it cost?
Nothing. This event is completely free for all our students.

How can I get ready?
To see a blog post about how to create the perfect demo reel, follow this link.

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To apply for our new BA/MArt starting in September 2020, follow this link

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