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Producing Animation With Steve Burch 13 Jan

Animation Producer Steve Burch
Escape Studios is welcoming back veteran animation producer Steve Burch to our High Holborn campus on Monday 13th January.

Steve, who has worked on animation classics such as The Iron Giant, Space Jam, and Osmosis Jones, is visiting us on Monday to deliver a workshop on Producing Animation to our second year animators.

Producing animation is an increasingly important part of what we teach at Escape Studios, as our students collaborate on short film projects, entering festivals and winning awards.

Animation Production
Steve Burch worked on "Iron Giant"
Steve will be helping our students to navigate some of the challenges involved in successfully completing their first animation production. Being a successful animator isn't just about being good at animation; you also need to understand how group projects work, and learn how to collaborate with other artists in a studio environment.

Thinking like a producer
Escape Studios teach our students to think not just in terms of finding work in the animation industry as employees, but also to succeed as freelancers.

Our business is largely project-driven, and it's important to understand how animation and vfx projects are financed, scheduled, and brought to a successful completion.  Knowing how to complete a freelance job successfully is an important life skill for any commercial artist.

It's also important to understand the business environment we operate it. Understanding why deadlines matter makes it much easier to work in a studio, alongside producers who have to get the job delivered on time and on budget.

Tutor: Steve Burch
Steve Burch started out in the animation industry as an effects artist, working on hits such as The Iron Giant, and later moving into production. You can see his extensive list of film credits at IMDB.

Lydia Layton, prod'n co-ordinator
Escapees in Production Roles
Many Escapees have gone to production roles in recent months. These include:
Steve Burch Workshop
To learn more about the business of producing animation, read this account of one of Steve's Producing Workshops here. 

Producing and Freelancing
To see other posts about producing and freelancing, see the links below:
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