Thursday, 21 November 2019

Previsualisation Webinar on 27 November

Iliana Franklin teaching at Escape Studios
Escape Studios is hosting a free webinar on previsualisation, taught by Iliana Franklin, our storyboard and previs tutor, on 27th November.

Iliana's webinar is titled "An Introduction to the Previs workflow: combining 2D and 3D techniques", and takes place on Wednesday, November 27th at 6:00 PM.

The webinar is an introduction to the craft of previsualisation, or "previs", one of the fastest-growing areas of the animation & vfx pipeline.

The 3rd floor - industry mentor
The Power of Previsualisation
The film and VFX industry extensively relies on previsualisation, using a combination of 2D and 3D tools, in order to block out scenes and plan for both on-set shoots and visual effects in order to plan sequences in advance.

Previs Workflow
In this webinar, our Previs tutor Iliana Franklin will give you an introduction to the previs workflow, answering questions such as: What is Previsualisation? What do you need to know to work in Previs? What does she teach in the Previs course at Escape Studios?

Previsualisation is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital film-making, with companies like The Third Floor (our industry mentor) expanding rapidly to help clients achieve their vision as early as possible in the film-making process.

Previsualition and storyboard artists share a common goal - to pre-imagine the story, and bring it to life before the expensive business of animation or principal photography begins.

Iliana Franklin
MA in Story & Previs
Our MA in Story & Previs teaches both disciplines, allowing students to focus on two career pathways: using traditional drawings skills (storyboards), or digital skills (previs).  Storyboard artists and previs artists both have to solve many of the same problems, including shot flow, cinematography, narrative rhythm, and continuity.  Both work closely with the director and editor to bring the story to life.

Creation and setup
Iliana will also touch base on the process of building assets and setting up scenes, she will cover the fundamentals of camera and cinematography, while exploring production efficiency, organisation, and tips and tricks to speed up and streamline the workflow.

Tutor Iliana Franklin
The webinar is taught by our Story and Previs tutor Iliana Franklin, who is teaching our pioneering MA in Story and Previs.  Iliana is a storyboard artist, animator, and has extensive teaching experience, including at the University of Lincoln. She also runs her own production company Mediaframe, a UK based creative consultancy, specializing in content development and production for illustrative, interactive and screen based media. You can see more about Iliana's work at her online portfolio.

Where and when
Online, Wednesday, November 27th at 6:00 PM

How to sign up
To book your free place, follow this link

Previs by the Third Floor
To see the Previs demo reel by our industry mentors, the Third Floor, watch the video below

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