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Escape Studios in Golden Nugget Fest 3 Dec

GNFF - Leeds, 6 December 2019
Many congratulations to our student animators - our short films The Good Old DaysHome Sweet Home, Jericho, Flame, Vivi Ossa, Adam & Eve Mk II and Reece have all been selected for the Golden Nugget Film Festival

The festival takes place in Leeds on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, and you can buy tickets here.

We're delighted to have no less than seven student films in the competition, and we're encouraging our students to attend, vote in the audience award, and offer applause and support

Golden Nugget Film Festival
Winners: Miguel Texeira, Maciej Osuch and Tit-Marian Giusca
The Golden Nugget Film Festival takes place in Leeds on Tuesday 3 December 2019.   The festival is a touring quarterly short film screening that takes place in four countries: The UK (London & Leeds), Germany (Munich), Bulgaria (Varna) and UAE (Dubai) with an annual award ceremony on August 2020.

The Festival also hosts film workshops and seminars with guest speakers, and is a member of the Universal Film Festival Organisation (UFFO).  The judging panel is comprised of academics and award-winning professionals working in the industry.

At the last Golden Nugget screening, on Wednesday 11 September, two of our films won prizes: the Golden Acorn, directed by Maciej Osuch won best teaser/trailer and Minuet, directed by Aaron Hopwood and Harry Pearson, won best short animation.

Sandway Business Centre, Leeds
3 December 2019 from 6pm to 9.30pm.

The Basement, Sandway Business Center, Shannon Street, Leeds LS9 8SS

Tickets - just £5.76
You can buy tickets at Eventbrite here:

The Good Old Days
Sebastian Kuder's short film The Good Old Days has been nominated for (and is a semi-finalist in) the category of Best Animation Short.  The Good Old Days is a short film made by Escapee Sebastian Kuder, a short story about an elderly gentleman who tries to re-live the glory days of his youth, but things don't quite go to plan.

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home has been nominated for the category of Best Microfilm. Home Sweet Home, directed by Maria Robertson, won the award for Best Student Animation at the 2019 British Animation Film Festival.  It also participated in the 63rd BFI London Film Festival, as part of the Family Short Film Programme, and has participated in dozens of international festivals.

Jericho, a short film about a lonely robot searching for a friend, has been nominated for the category of Best Animation Short.  Jericho was directed by Sarah Andrews and completed by our third year undergraduate animation students 

Jericho won Best Animation at the Melrose Film Festival in Orlando, Florida, was shortlisted for a student BAFTA, and won Best Animation and Best VFX at the 2019 Nexus Film FestivalJericho also won an award in the 2019 Zero Budget Film Festival, and was a finalist in the 2019 Deep Focus Film Festival.

“Flame”, directed by MA animation student Cherelle Owusu and produced by Carolina Xavier, under the supervision of MA supervising tutor Amedeo Beretta, has been nominated for the category of Best Animation Short.

Flame is a short film about the birth of fire: on a dark night in the desert, Flame is born, but she soon realizes that the storm that brought her life is now a threat to her survival.

Vivi Ossa
Vivi Ossa, directed by Callum Walters and produced by Matthew Wight, was completed by 3rd year undergraduate animation students. Vivi Ossa was a finalist in the 2019 ESMoA Video & Film Festival, and was also an award winner in this year's Zero Budget Film Festival.

“Reece", directed by Escapee Steven Mealand, has been nominated for the category of Best Thriller/Horror Short.  “Reece" is the story of a cleanup robot that goes horribly wrong.

Adam & Eve Mk II
Adam & Eve Mk II has been nominated for (and is a semi-finalist in) the category: Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Short. It was also recently a finalist in the 2019 National Student Film Festival in Greenwich.

Adam & Eve Mk II

Written and directed by Escapee Sebastian Kuder, Adam & Eve Mk II  won the award for Best Short Film Under 5 Minutes at the Arch 1 Festival of Film in London in October.

Adam and Eve Mk. II is a modern re-telling of the Biblical origins story, set in a post-apocalyptic world in which human memories are uploaded into the artificial brain of a humanoid robot.

Congratulations to all our talented students and Escapees on their remarkable success.

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To find out more about our new BA/MArt, now recruiting for September 2020, follow this link.   To apply, visit the official page here

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