Monday, 30 September 2019

Benoit Moranne To Teach at Escape Studios

Benoit Moranne
We're delighted to welcome Framestore animator Benoit Moranne to teach at Escape Studios.

Benoit is a senior animator at Framestore, and a veteran of many animation & VFX hits.

Benoit's credits include Lady & The Tramp, Maleficent, Venom, Jurassic World, Ready Player One, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beasts (And Where To Find Them), and The Jungle Book.

Benoit Moranne
Benoit Moranne is a character and creature animator, originally from France, but now based in London.

Benoit studied animation in France at two of the leading French animation schools, firstly at Supinfocom and then at ArtFx, from which he graduated in 2009.

Benoit has been working in animation ever since graduation.  He started working on TV commercials and TV series before moving onto VFX features.

Benoit has worked on feature films at DNeg, MPC, ILM and Framestore, and has worked on multiple VFX hits such as Disney's Jungle Book, Ready Player One, Jurassic World 2 and many other VFX animated features.

He also animated on the forthcoming Disney re-make of Lady and the Tramp.

You can see Benoit's full list of credits at the IMDB.

Animation Taster Day
Benoit will be teaching an animation taster day on 5th October. The full day costs just £25, and you can find out more about it here.

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