Monday, 12 August 2019

Animation Thumbnails in Maya: Grease Pencil

Escape Studios animation tutor Amedeo Beretta has uploaded a  new tutorial to our Vimeo Channel about thumbnailing for animation straight in Maya.

Autodesk Maya's Grease Pencil tool offers the advantage of allowing the animator to gauge timing, as well as posing.

It also allows animators to plan out their shots in the traditional 2D manner, doing fast thumbnail sketches directly on the screen.

Grease pencils
Grease Pencil tool
The Grease Pencil tool is one of Maya's most useful tools, allowing animators to draw directly on the screen.

The Grease Pencil Tool allows animators to carry out quick scene planning, and also implement thumbnailing and sketches directly into your 3D workflow. 

In this tutorial Amedeo shows how to use Grease Pencil to thumbnail and re-time a scene.

Amedeo Beretta
Vimeo Channel - Animation Tutorials
You can find Amadeo's tutorial here at our Vimeo Channel

Like all our Vimeo Tutorials, this one is for our current students and Escapees, and is password-protected.

How to find the Grease Pencil Tool
To open the Grease Pencil tool in Maya, select View > Camera Tools > Grease Pencil from the panel menus. See also Grease Pencil overview and Draw in the scene view with Grease Pencil.

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