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Previs & Story Taster Day Wed 10 July 2019

Iliana Franklin teaches at Escape Studios
We're running a taster day in previsualisation & storyboarding on Wednesday 10 July, so that prospective students can get a feel for the content of our new MA in Previsualisation & Storyboarding, which launches on 30 September.

Story board & Previs artist Iliana Franklin, whose production credits include The Tale of Despereaux, will teach the class; and the full day of tuition costs just £25.

MA in Previsualisation & Storyboarding
3rd Floor - industry mentor
As we gear up for our new MA in Previs & Story, starting on 30 September 2019, we're running some taster days so that prospective applicants can get a feeling for the content and structure of the course. 

Previsualisation, aka "Previs" is a growing part of the industry. Previz artists do what storyboard artists do - but digitally. They pre-imagine the story, bringing the digital elements to life, working closely with the director.

Storyboarding is a skill that is much in demand - industry tells us that we are currently experiencing a skills shortage here in the UK, as a growing number of animation studios search for talent to bring their stories to life. The course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn storyboarding, whether for animation, live action, commercials, (or even your own personal projects).

Blue Zoo - animation mentor
Previs & StoryMA
Our MAster's degree in previs and story teaches both disciplines, allowing students to focus on two career pathways: using traditional drawings skills (storyboards), or digital skills (previs). Both disciplines have to solve many of the same problems, including shot flow, cinematography, narrative rhythm, and continuity. Both work closely with the director and editor to bring the story to life.

Course Design
The course has been designed with industry in mind; industry engagement is the heart of all of our courses and students will work on a live industry brief as part of this course, which is mentored by Previs experts The Third Floor and by Blue Zoo Animation. 

Previs Taster day
The taster day is designed to give students a feel for what previz artists actually do. Working with Autodesk Maya, students will create their own storyboard from scratch, working up a board from start to finish, ending up with a digital video file complete with music and sound effects. To sign up, follow this link.

Course Tutor
Iliana Franklin is the tutor for the taster day. Iliana is a veteran of many animated film projects - you can see her extensive IMDB profile here.  Iliana also runs her own production company Mediaframe.  You can see more about her work at her online portfolio.

Previs at the 3rd Floor
To see more about the art and craft of previsualisation, and get a feeling for what the industry is like, watch this video below, featuring work done by our industry mentors, The 3rd Floor. 

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To find out more about our new BA/MArt, now recruiting for September 2019, follow this link.   To apply, visit the offical page here.  

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