Saturday, 13 July 2019

Mike Hermes Video Tutorials

For students who are new to Autodesk Maya, the main software we use at Escape Studios, it's a great idea to do some online tutorials to start getting used to the interface. 

Of course, we teach all our students from scratch, but there is no doubt that students who have already learned the basics have a big head start.  And, of course, any student can download their free copy of Maya from the Autodesk Education Community site.

Learning Autodesk Maya
For Maya beginners, we recommend Mike Hermes' videos at YouTube, which offers very useful tutorials on most aspects of the Maya pipeline. The videos are short, easy to follow, and clear.  The playlists are well organised and, best of all, it's all completely free.

Mike Hermes
Mike Hermes' YouTube Channel offers short clear videos on almost every aspect of the Maya pipeline. You can study every discipline, from modeling to animation, rigging, texturing and FX.  Mike Hermes is also active in the comments section below the video, answering students' queries and generally helping out.

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