Friday, 3 May 2019

Turning Tide Wins Best Post-Production Award

Turning Tide - VFX winner
Turning Tide, a short film involving the work of many Escape Studios artists, was recently announced as the winner of Best Post-Production at the London Lift-Off film festival.

This is great news for the Escape Studios crew members that worked on the film, whose hard work has been rewarded.

Turning Tide
London Lift-Off
Turning Tide played in the London Lift-off Film Festival in December, and the film was nominated for two categories: Best First-Time Film and also Best Post-Production, as part of the London Lift-Off 2018 Season Awards.

Escape Studios VFX Credits
  • Haluk Tarcan - lead compositor
  • Matheus Marques Madoglio - compositor
  • Vicki Juhasz - compositor
  • Anna Sorgon - compositor
  • Jonathan Atkins - compositor
  • Colby Turybury - compositor
  • Tom Phipps - compositor
  • Ashlee Alleyne - compositor
  • Hashim Gaad - compositor
  • Tim Blackmore - compositor
  • Giulio Spatola - compositor
  • Balsa Radunovic - compositor
  • Daniel Thompson - compositor
All of these folks now have their own listing at the IMDB - a great start to any career in the movie business. 

Turning Tide
Turning Tide is a film about WW2, set in Scotland, about a young boy who encounters a downed German bomber pilot. The film was directed by Andrew Muir and David Ross. You can read more about the film at their official site

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