Friday, 10 May 2019

Escape Studios Tests New 24mm Macro Lens

Our in-house cinematographer Clement Gharini recently ran a green screen shoot at Escape Studios, testing out some new camera equipment that is of special interest to our animation students. Clem has recently acquired a new camera lens which will be particularly useful for our VFX animation films.  One of its kind, and new on the market, the lens is a 24mm macro with a close focus of 20mm - ideal for very small scale settings. Check out the footage above to see what can be achieved.

Clement Gharini
Clement Gharini
Clement Gharini is our in-house cinematographer at Escape Studios; he teaches the art of camera and cinematography to our first year animation, games and VFX students.

Clem also helps our students gather plates for the annual VFX project, a cross-disciplinary collaboration that takes place every year between the animation and vfx students in their 3rd year of studies.

To see some of Clem's work, check out the short films Jericho and Home Sweet Home, both of which needed close-up camera work.

24 mm macro lens
Made by Laowa, a Chinese company, the new lens is one of its kind on the market, a 24mm macro with a close focus of 20mm, ideal for very small scale settings.

Red Gemini camera
Green screen shoot
The green screen shoot was was part of our regular series of footage production for Escape compositing short courses.  For the first time it took place in the heart of Escape social life: the breakout space on the 3rd floor.

While most of our settings so far had been referencing feature films or tv series, this particular session was inspired by the aesthetics of commercials and animation.

For that purpose Clem used a very unusual lens more akin to a rifle than a piece of film equipment. Very much one of its kind on the market, the 24mm macro lens has a close focus of 20mm, is water proof, and allow the exploration of very small scale worlds and objects.

Students contributed to create a variety of setup, from a landscape of sweets to a close fly-pass over a computer motherboard. The team also shot slow motion at 120 frames per second with the Red Gemini camera.

The new 24mm Macro will be ideal for shooting the kind of close-up work that was done on "Home Sweet Home", created by our 3rd year animation and VFX students earlier this year.

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