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Toonboom Harmony is Back on 3 Sept

Our popular 2D Animation course in Toonboom Harmony is running again this summer, starting on 3rd September 2019, and also on 3rd September 2019.

The class runs for 8 weeks, one evening a week (tuesdays), and is an introduction to animating in Toonboom Harmony, one of the leading software packages for the creation of 2D animation.

The class is taught by Harmony animator Plamen Ananiev, and mentored by London animation powerhouse Blue Zoo.

Artwork by our industry mentor, Blue Zoo
What's this all about?
2D Animation is experiencing a big revival, with many 2D productions being animated right here in London.

In particular, Blue Zoo, Aardman Animation, and Brown Bag Films in Manchester all use Toonboom Harmony as their 2D animation software platform.

Why Harmony?
Toonboom Harmony is a very flexible software package, that allows the user to combined 2D rigged puppet-style animation with the ability to hand-draw elements in the traditional way.

What's in the course?
The course will cover the basics of locomotion and mechanics in animation, and also 2D rigging, and aims to get students familiar with the software, to enable them to apply for the many studios in the UK and overseas that are embracing this software package. 

Blue Zoo is our industry mentor for this course
Who is it for?
The course is aimed at animators wanting to acquire 2D software skills. This course will enable students to learn the basics of 2D animation using Toonboom Harmony; no prior knowledge of the software is required.
How it works
You will be expected to attend an evening class one night a week, and will be set simple projects to do in-class. You will also have the opportunity to develop your portfolio or demo reel, with an industry brief.

Where and When
3rd September 2019 at 190 High Holborn WC1. Part time (Tuesday evenings: 7pm - 10pm)

Toonboom Harmony licenses
Toonboom Harmony Class at Escape Studios
Best of all, the folks at Toonboom have even arranged an extended period over and above the usual trial period for a Harmony license. This means that our students can download the software and practice at home what they have learned in class, and complete their homework for the next week, over the full period of the course. 

Are there jobs for 2D Animators?
Many. 2D Animation is experiencing a big revival, with many productions  being animated right here in London. Blue Zoo in particular is looking for junior animators with Harmony experience.

Plamen Ananiev
Industry Mentor
Our industry mentor is Blue Zoo, who use ToonBoom Harmony, and are looking to recruit a substantial number of 2D animators, familiar with the software.

As with all our courses, the class builds up to a live industry brief, ensuring that student work is well targeted towards employers looking to recruit talent.

We also have had invaluable support from London's Karrot Animation, who have helpfully provided us with character rigs for use in the course. 

Our tutor is the very talented Plamen Ananiev, an experienced 2D animator, formerly on Simon's Cat in London, but now working at Blue Zoo.

You can see some of Plamen's work in Harmony in the video below.

Plamen Ananiev Toon Boom Harmony Rigging Showreel from on Vimeo.

Course outline
Week 1 - User interface & setup
Week 2 - Animation basics – the Bouncing Ball
Week 3 - Rigging basics 1
Week 4 - Rigging basics 2
Week 5 - Locomotion cycles
Week 6 - Final project – planning
Week 7 - Develop final project
Week 8 - Submit final project (industry brief)

Where and When
Location: Midtown campus, 190 High Holborn
Start date: 2 July 2019
Tuition fee: £995
Mode of study: Part time (Tuesday evening: 7pm - 10pm)
Programme duration: 8 weeks

Online resources
In the meantime, check out some of the online Harmony resources available here.

Finally, to see what kind of animation can be done in Harmony, watch the Harmony demo reel below.

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