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Broadcast Graphics Starts on 14 September

Neil Whitman
We've got a new Saturday class starting on 14th September, running for 12 weeks at our 190 High Holborn campus. The class is Broadcast Graphics, and is taught by animation and broadcast graphics expert Neil Whitman. The primary software taught is Adobe After Effects.

Neil has worked for BBC news for many years, and he brings his skill as a broadcast graphics expert and as an animator to this unique class.

What is Broadcast Graphics?
Broadcast Graphics is an expanding craft that allows artists to work across a range of creative industries, such as graphic design, advertising, animation, broadcasting, multimedia, games or film. This course combines graphic design and audiovisuals to create a variety of media, and is taught by veteran BBC Motion Graphics Supervisor Neil Whitman.

As with all of our courses, you'll be hands-on in the studio as well as learning soft skills such as pitching, briefing and team work as you’ll need in the workplace. You'll apply your skills to practical projects and be led by an experienced tutor.

Tutor Neil Whitman
Neil Whitman. Neil works for BBC South East Today as a lead designer, producing a variety of graphics for the daily news program, mostly using Adobe After Effects. To see Neil's official site, follow this link. To see some of his work, check out the video above.

Where and when
Circus animation by Neil Whitman
The course takes place weekly on Saturdays - the first time we have run a weekend class in our mid-town campus at 190 High Holborn, WC1.

Not everyone can find the time to take a class during the daytime, or in the evenings, so we're extending our classes to Saturdays for the first time.

Start date
14 September 2019, weekly, for 12 weeks.

Tuition fees: £2,295

Graphics by Neil Whitman
Mode of study
Part time (Saturdays 10am - 5pm). Programme duration: 12 weeks

What's in the course?
The course breaks down week by week roughly as follows:

Week 1: Introduction to Motion Graphics
Theory: A brief history of animation and the 12 basic principles.
Practical: Introduction to the After Effects interface and create a basic 3x stats slate exercise.

Week 2: The history of news graphics
Theory: Take a look at some examples of news graphics from various news channels and explore the important role in TV news output that they occupy.
Practical: Create a front page graphic in After Effects for a recurring segment on a news channel.

Animation by Neil Whitman
Week 3: Brand design & channel identity
Theory: Look at brand and design concepts along with the importance of a channel’s house styles.
Practical: Typography exercise in After Effects: fonts, screen layouts, colours and kerning.

Weeks 4&5: Taking a commission from a Producer
Theory: Taking a brief from a Producer, asking the right questions about timescale, tone and budget and expanding this into a storyboard.
Practical: Drawing out a storyboard on paper and considering the importance of timescale and workload. Taking this storyboard to After Effects and creating an animation using a limited palette and choice of images.

Week 6&7: Creating a news graphic
Theory: Look at what footage/images and other elements can and can’t be used in a news graphic, discussing footage usage, copyright laws, working with a picture library.
Practical: Create a news graphic concept based on a mock brief.

Artwork by Neil Whitman
Week 8: What is a Kit of Parts
Theory: Look at the different ways news channels create a kit of parts to brand national events, such as the Olympics or a Royal Wedding.
Practical: Create a kit of parts for mock national event: titles, name straps and info graphics.

Week 9: Delivering a Kit of Parts
Theory: Discussion around: the delivery pipeline used in most television news rooms, the technology used to play news graphics out in live studio gallery, the differences of creating graphics for a studio set.
Pricatical: Create a graphic to go in a video wall behind a present (mocked up in After Effects).

Week 10: Reviews & amendments
Theory: Late changes and amendments required by Producers
Practical: final amendments and signed off.

Week 11: Showreels
Theory: What makes a great showreel, how it can help you get a foot in the industry.
Practical: Start a showreel: create an opening and closing graphics page.

Week 12: Promoting your work
Theory: Ways to create a digital portfolio to promote yourself online to help gain a job. How to contact those in the industry, how to get their attention.
Practical: Build a portfolio and market your work.

Primary Software
After Effects

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