Thursday, 7 March 2019

Blue Zoo Animation Recruitment Tips

Blue Zoo's Bader Badruddin at an industry event
Blue Zoo Animation, one of London's animation powerhouses and one of our long-standing industry mentors, has offered their Top Ten "Recruitment Stand Tips" for students and graduates hoping to impress at a recruitment stand.

Some of the tips are pretty obvious (number 1 is "turn up"), but overall this is a useful and informative read on how to approach potential recruiters at an industry event. 

Meeting recruiters is one of the key reasons to attend festivals such as the VFX Festival, the Annecy animation festival, or FMX in Stuttgart.

When you meet a recruiter you have a chance to make an impression, and become a real person rather than just another anonymous cv in someone's inbox.

Our industry is a people industry; it's much easier to find work if someone on the inside knows you and feels they are likely to be able to rely on you.  Getting to know the recruiters is an important first step on the animation career ladder.

To see what Blue Zoo has to say about impressing their recruiters at the the stand, follow this link.

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