Friday, 2 February 2018

Pixar's Aaron Hartline to Visit Escape

Aaron Hartline, Pixar
Veteran Pixar animator Aaron Hartline is coming to Escape Studios next week. We're excited to welcome Aaron as mentor for our next group of animators, who started their animation journey in January this year.

Bringing Aaron to London is all about making the experience of studying animation as industry-relevant as possible. And who better to mentor our students than an animator from the world's most successful animation studio?

Our next group of trainee animators will receive personal feedback from Aaron, who will also be giving a talk about his work at Pixar on the morning of Thursday February 8 at the 2018 VFX Festival.

Aaron cut his CG teeth on "Robots"
I have to confess a personal interest - Aaron and I worked together back in 2003 at Blue Sky Studios, on the studio's second feature film "Robots".

Aaron was originally hired at Blue Sky as a rigger, and he worked his way up to animation supervisor, animating on Ice Age, Robots, and Horton Hears a Who!

Today Aaron works at Pixar Animation Studios where his credits include Inside Out, Up and Toy Story 3.

You can see Aaron's animation at

We're excited to have Aaron visit Escape Studios and mentor our animators, who are already producing excellent work under the careful guidance of tutor Lee Caller.

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