Tuesday, 12 December 2017

bhPathAnim for Creature Animators

The very talented Brian Horgan has just released a new path system for animal and creature locomotion.

At $30, bhPathAnim isn't free, but it is priced attractively and should be on any creature animator's wish-list from Father Christmas.

So, what is bhPathAnim (snappy name!) and what can it do?
Path Animation
Brian Hogan describes bh_pathAnim as "a robust and flexible new tool for path animation in Maya". His goal was to make it "simple and intuitive", easy to "attach any rig, with any number of limbs and body controls, to a path and animate it walking or running along it". bh_pathAnim "will work for bipeds, quadrupeds, and insects".

We haven't had a chance to road-test it yet; it came out just too late to help out our 2nd year animators - who have just finished their assessed animal and creature performance project. But, it does look like a very handy plugin.

You can download the new path animation tool from gumroad.com.

How it works
To see how it works, watch the video below:

bh_pathAnim Launch Video from Brian Horgan on Vimeo.

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