Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Concept Art Comes to Escape 7 March 2018

Concept Art by Cenay Oekmen
Concept Art is coming to Escape Studios on wednesday 7th March 2018, taught by the amazingly talented Cenay Oekmen. 

It's an evening class, designed to fit around careers and families, running for 8 weeks from Wednesday 7th March 2018.

The idea is to introduce students to the many techniques and skills that go up to make a well-rounded concept artist, including 3d and 2d software.

What's this all about?
Concept art by Cenay Oekmen
Concept Art! One of the most competitive parts of our industry, requiring a broad skillset of 2D and 3D talents. It's also one of the interesting places to be, close to the director and the production designer, helping to determine the look and feel of a production.

Concept artists can help visual effects studios sell their services, dazzling clients with beautiful artwork and helping to land big VFX contracts. 

Where and when?
Concept Art is coming to Escape Studios Shepherd's Bush Campus on Wednesday 7th March 2018 for 8 weeks, from 7 until 10pm.

Who is teaching it?
Cenay Oekmen will be leading the class.  Cenay is a talented concept artist with a wealth of experience in the industry. We don't think there is anyone better qualified to teach this class.

Fees: £995  

Mode of study: Part-time. One evening a week 7pm - 10pm

What's involved?
Cenay Oekmen
Concept art is notoriously tricky to teach because it involves such a broad range of skills, such as 3D software, 2D software, drawing and painting.  Cenay will introduce students to a wide variety of techniques, showing students how to achieve excellent results with a wide variety of different approaches. Every shot is different, and part of the skill is knowing how to get the best result in the shortest amount of time.

How to apply
Click here to find the official course page.

The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To find out more about our new BA/MArt, follow this link.  To apply, visit the offical page here

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