Monday, 25 September 2017

Tom Sito to visit Escape Studios Tuesday 3 Oct

Tom Sito
We're excited to welcome animator, director, and animation historian Tom Sito to Escape Studios next week, to talk to our students. Tom has had a stellar career in Hollywood animation, and is now a member of the Academy Board of Governors (that's the Oscars to you).

In 1998 Tom was included by Animation Magazine in their list of the One Hundred Most Important People in Animation, and he continues to be a major influence on our industry, teaching animation at the University of Southern California, writing books and lecturing.

We're lucky to have him come and visit, and sprinkle some Hollywood pixie dust on our studios.

It's also a personal pleasure for me, as I have known Tom since 1987, when we both worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. We kept in touch and have been friends ever since. 

Over the years I got to work with Tom on many projects, including Pocahontas, where he was head of story at Disney, before being poached by Jeffrey Katzenberg to be one of the first employees at DreamWorks Animation.

One of the great pleasures of our industry is all the interesting people you meet along the way, colleagues who become friends and share their career journeys with you.

A big warm welcome to Tom then; and lucky us to have him come and speak.


Where and when?
Tuesday 3rd October at our High Holborn Campus, at 1pm

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