Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Great Camera Tripod for Live Action Reference

Photo-R Tripod
Animators start their work with a blank sheet of paper - or a blank screen. So how do you get a great performance, from nothing?

One of the best ways to bring your work to life is to use live-action reference, by filming yourself acting out the shot, capturing the footage on your phone, and then exporting the footage onto an image plane in Maya, so you can start animating.

But how you film yourself acting your scene out, if there is just one of you? After all, someone has to operate the camera, while you are acting. The answer is - you need a tripod.

We're recommending this excellent tripod, made by Phot-R, for mounting your phone/camera, while you get into character.

At just £13 it's very inexpensive, super light and easy to pack away, and the mounting bracket works great for most phones - including my iPhone 6.

Full Details
Phot-R Professional 127cm (50") 4-Section Universal Aluminium Photo Video Tripod Stand with 3-Way 360° Swivel Panhead for Smartphone Mobiles.  To find it, follow this link.

What's it for?
Capturing your performance. Never underestimate the power of live action reference to create great animation.  You might not be able to afford your own motion capture suite, but everyone has a phone these days - so this is a quick and cheap solution that works for everyone.

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