Thursday, 29 June 2017

Who's Teaching Character Design?

Vince Woodcock
We're delighted to confirm that the very talented Vincent Woodcock will be the principal tutor at our character design evening class, starting this October at Escape Studios.

Vince studyed music and theatre at Brighton University, and then became an apprentice animator at the Richard Williams studio in London's Soho Square, learning his craft from Richard Williams and the other animators there including the veteran Disney animator Art Babbitt.

 Vince was a director/designer/animator at the studio, but eventually left to start his own company - Illusion Animation.

Vincent Woodcock
Two years later Vince was hired by Disney to co-direct a feature film at a new Disney studio in London - "Duck Tales-The Movie".

After that, Vince became a freelance animator and director for the next 15 years, producing TV commercials and music videos, and later joining Warner Brothers Feature Animation as an animator and character designer, working on Space Jam, and he returned later again to Disney to direct a musical sequence in "The Tigger Movie".

In 2006, Vince wrote and illustrated a book on character design - How To Paint And Draw Crazy Cartoon Characters. You can find it here at

Vince also has extensive experience teaching animation, character design, comics and cartooning at universities and colleges in the UK.
To find out more about our evening class in Character Design, follow this link.

We'll also be bringing in the very able Andrea Torrejon for some of the sessions. You can see her work here.  Between Vince and Andrea our students will be in capable hands!

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