Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Evgenia Golubeva's "I am Not a Mouse"

I I am not a Mouse from Evgenia Golubeva on Vimeo.

Many congratulations to Escapee Evgenia Golubeva who has just released her award-winning animated short film "I am not a Mouse" online at Vimeo, following a highly successful run at international animation festivals, winning many prizes along the way.  "I am not a Mouse" is about a little girl called Lucy, who is nicknamed "Mouse" by her Mother.  Trouble is, every time Lucy is called 'Mouse' by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse. What is Lucy to do?

Evgenia's film has won many awards, including the Audience Prize for the best animated short film for children at the Zlin International Film Festival 2016, The Czech Republic Best Family/Children’s Film at Amarcord Chicago Arthouse TV & Video Festival 2016, USA, and a Special Mention for the best short film for children at Ojo Cojo 2016, Spain.

She also screened the film at the BFI London Film Festival last month, and appeared in person for a Q&A.

Evgenia took our animation short course at Escape Studios some years ago, and has since forged a successful career as an independent animator and film-maker.

To see more of Evgenia's work, check out her charming animated short film titled "Hold Me Clothes", a stop-motion film written by her, and animated in just one day at a film festival in Italy.

Hold Me Clothes is sweet and funny and completely charming, and a reminder that good animation is as much about storytelling and an eye for comic timing as it is about polished technique.

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