Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Escape Students to Visit Blue Zoo on 24th May

Escape Studios' animation studios are heading for a tour of Blue Zoo animation studio next month, getting a unique behind-the-scenes peek into the workings of a major London animation house.

Blue Zoo have grown from modest beginnings to become a major player in animation, especially TV series work - which is currently booming in our home town.  They're a great company, and have kindly taken the time to mentor our current group of animation students.

Visiting studios is a great way to build industry relationships, as well as find out more about who is hiring, and what kind of skills they are looking for.  Blue Zoo specialise in TV animation - so they are looking for animators who can handle cartoony work - and plenty of it. To see some of Blue Zoo's shots from their many projects, watch their excellent demo reel below:

Blue Zoo is a company we're written about a lot at the Ecape Animation Blog, in part because of all the great work they do behind the scenes to contribute to the UK animation industry. To see how Blue Zoo stay creative, read this post here.  And to find out about the challenges of running a major animation studio, follow this link.  They even gave our students a masterclass in TV animation at the recent VFX Festival in February.

You can also read about Escapee Marc Godfrey who went on to become an animator at Blue Zoo.

We're excited to visit their studio and also to get feedback from their animation directors on our students' work.

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