Thursday, 2 March 2017

MASH Tutorials by Haydn Roff

The first assessed exercise our first year animators have to complete is a short piece of sound-driven abstract animation - essentially an animated music video, using and exploring the different animation tools in Maya.

The assignment is a broad brief and the animators can use any techniques they like, including key framed animation, blend shapes, dynamics and simulations - and now MASH.

What is MASH?
MASH is a relatively new tool, used to create motion graphics, and embedded with Maya 2016 and 2017. MASH allows the user "to create versatile motion design animations with procedural node networks". The animator can "customize all the effects from the Attribute Editor and Node Editor, and chain effects together for greater variation".

In short, it's a super-powerful tool for motion graphics and effects.

How do you learn MASH?
Luckily for our animators here at Escape Studios, first year undergraduate student Haydn Roff has put together a playlist of videos explaining how to use MASH. You can find Haydn's playlist here.

We're recommending that all our animation students take a look at the MASH interface. It's a great new piece of kit, which allows animators to raise their game and reach for some very sophisticated techniques.

And many thanks to Haydn for the great tutorials and handy playlist. 

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