Friday, 3 February 2017

Student Showcase - Undergraduate Artwork

"Little Red Riding Hood" by Gioia Varago
One of the early briefs we introduce to our first year undergraduates here at Escape Studios is to create an idea for an animated TV Series.

The final presentation includes a classroom pitch, complete with supporting artwork, character designs, and a clear underlying premise.

As with all good pitches, the idea is to throw out a hook and get your audience interested in the idea.  If they like it, they will want to know more. And who knows? They might invest in your project!

Marshall in the Serengeti by Erin Harrison
Many of our students did excellent work.

Above is a sketch by Gioia Varago, illustrating an idea for re-imagining "Little Red Riding Hood" with a modern twist.

To the right is a one sheet (ie a single image that encapsulates the idea) for "Marshall in the Serengeti" by Erin Harrison.

Also check out Sebastian Kuder's "Squad" (see below), featuring a cast of characters in a dystopian vision of the future.

Finally, here are some excellent character designs by Maria Robertson for her TV Series pitch.

Designs by Maria Robertson

Congratulations to Maria, Sebastian, Erin and Gioia on their excellent work, marking a great start to their studies.

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