Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Blue Zoo To Mentor Our 2017 Animation Short Course!

QPootle5, by Blue Zoo
We're excited to announce that London animation powerhouse Blue Zoo have agreed to mentor the students participating in our next Animation Short Course, starting in February 2017.

Here at Escape Studios we want to nurture a new generation of animators - and there isn't anyone better than Blue Zoo to help us guide our fresh talent.  Blue Zoo founders Tom Box and Adam Shaw went from being university graduates to owning and running the biggest TV animation co in the UK.

Who are Blue Zoo?
Blue Zoo are an animation company based in London's Soho. From small beginnings, they now employ around 120 people (although, as with most studios, this number goes up and down according to the flow of work).  They have also won multiple awards – including a slew of BAFTAs.

They are a privately owned company, which offers their owners a huge degree of creative control over what they do. Unlike many of their bigger rivals, their business structure allows them to plough their profits not into shareholders pockets but into the animation, ensuring high levels of quality and a strong creative agenda.

They do plenty of TV work, and they also do great short films, creatively driven projects generated internally and animated by their team in their own spare time.

Among the staff at Blue Zoo is our very own Marc Godfrey, an Escapee who has gone on to forge a successful career in animation.

To find out more about our next animation short course, starting in February 2017, follow this link.  And to see the official page, click here.

The Escape Studios Animation Blog is a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To find out more about our BA/MArt in the Art of Computer Animation now recruiting for September 2017, see this post. And to apply, follow this link.

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