Friday, 3 June 2016

Cool New Stop-Motion Animation Rig - Stickybones

Here at Escape Studios we teach primarily digital skills, reflecting the needs of the industry we work in, where new technology creates its own demand for talent.

But old-school skills still matter, and anyone who wants to experiment with the craft of animation would do well to try stop-motion animation, a relatively low tech way to get started in the industry.  Now, a new rig has just been released - Stickybones - which makes the stop-motion animator's job much, much easier.

What is Stickybones?
Stickybones is an animation puppet "made of engineering-grade polymers" with a highly sophisticated joint system. No need to build your own animation puppet to try out stop-motion animation - Stickbones comes ready to use.

Who made Stickybones?
Stickybones was originally created through a crowd-funding effort at Indiegogo, but is now formally offered for sale to the public. You can order them at this website.

How much is Stickybones?
The price for one Stickybones is $89.

What else do you need?
You will also need a camera (your smart phone will do) and some sort of tripod to keep it fixed and stop it wobbling all over the place. And you'll need some editing software, perhaps SonyVegas (which is free) to edit the images you capture into a final movie.

What can you do with Stickybones?
Check out the video below for some animation samples.

Official site:

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