Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Blue Zoo Animation Lunch Club at FaceBook - "Graduates Special"

Blue Zoo, one of London's biggest and most inventive animation studios, has been doing a series of round table discussions on the craft of making animation and working in the industry.

The most recent "Lunch Club" Round table took place on Facebook took place at Facebook today, and can be viewed here.

In this video, Blue Zoo interviews some of its recent hires, to hear animation graduates explain how they broke into the industry. It's full of useful information and tips on how to make it in this fast-growing but very competitive field.

What is this event about?
Blue Zoo animation have been hosting round table discussions on the craft of making 3D animation and working in the industry.

Why do this round table?
Because Blue Zoo take seriously the idea of industry outreach. As they put it, they are "always looking at ways we can reach out to the animation community to help each other hone & perfect our skills".

What is the focus of the discussion?
The most recent round table focused on how graduates break into the industry.

Why Facebook?
Rather than doing a pre-recorded podcast or YouTube post, Blue Zoo "wanted to do something a bit different, where we could really interact with the animation community - a Facebook Live video broadcast!"

Where is the Facebook Page?

Where can I read more about Blue Zoo?
Follow this link here. And to see some of their work, watch their awesome one minute short "Commuter Glitch" below:

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