Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Anim Fam Comes to Escape Studios Tomorrow!

Here at Escape Studios we're excited to be hosting the AnimFam (Animation Familiarisation) event with Film London tomorrow, March 9th.

AnimFam offers a forum for London’s top animation studios to pitch their work to visiting animation executives from overseas studios, and is one of the ways that Film London is helping to take advantage of the tax breaks which in recent years have led to a big expansion of animation production here in the UK.

The event is being hosted at our Pearson HQ at 80 Strand - one of London's most iconic and historic streets.

What's this all about?

AnimFam is an animation event hosted by Film London. You can read more about it by following this link: http://filmlondon.org.uk/industry/familiarisation-trips

Why are Escape Studios involved?
One of our biggest priorities here at Escape Studios is to develop and maintain our excellent relations with London's leading animation and VFX houses, providing them with a source of rising talent, and also getting plenty of feedback on what kind of talent the industry is looking for, and what the latest skills shortages are.

But doesn't the technology change?
It does. Technology is a constantly moving target, and we can't predict with certainty what skills will be in demand when our undergraduate students emerge into the industry in four years time.  But we do know that we can do our very best to teach them the latest tools and techniques, along with (of course) traditional art and design skills, to provide them with the best-possible grounding in 3D art and technology.

Who is coming?
Representatives and delegates include visitors from Canal Plus, China Film Group, Film Roman, Sola Media, and Italy's Studio Bozzetto.

We're delighted that Film London have agreed to host their Anim Fam event with us, and we look forward to forging ever-closer links with industry in our thriving and growing market.


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