Saturday, 9 January 2016

Escape Studios Summer Showreel 2014

Check out the stunning work done by our students last summer, in this 2014 demo reel. Some of my favourite shots include the ones that have fun with our familiar London landmarks. There is something very entertaining about seeing our city's iconic buildings blown up (digitally, of course) by students at Escape Studios.

New bridges, high speed rail links you never knew existed, falling pianos crushing unlucky pedestrians in suburban streets, and even giant killer robots roving at will.  There is some great animation in here too - highly accomplished visual effects animation of the kind that is much in demand in Soho and other centres of VFX excellence.

We're proud of the high standards achieved by our students. Come along to one of our Open Days and see how you can achieve work of this quality yourself.


The Escape Studios Animation Blog offers a personal view on the art of animation and visual effects. To apply for our new BA/MA starting in September 2016, follow this link

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