Friday, 16 October 2015

The World's First Cake Zoetrope - The CakeTrope

Some say 3D Animation is the best, others argue for a revival of hand-drawn 2D Animation.  Many maintain that Stop Motion rules.  But here at Escape Studios, we recommend all our students take a close look at the work of French animation Alexander Dubosc, who makes animated cakes - both extraordinary and delicious.  Dibosc creates spinning zoetropes, a technology that goes back to the mid 19th century (and, arguably, ancient China), which he has re-invented as the Caketrope.  Or, as we're calling it, Cake-O-Mation.

To capture the effect, Dubosc set up a camera to record his rotating masterpiece, which is entitled 'Melting POP'.  The video shows the chocolate cup of coffee spinning on the very top of the cake before the camera pans down to capture all the rest of the cool stuff going on.

Zoetropes are complex pieces of architecture and take forever to make. But at least, once you've made it, it sticks around for a while. You can put it in a museum, in the reception room of your fancy animation building - all sorts of useful places.  Cake, for obvious reasons, tends to be a less permanent structure.

I wish I'd known about Dubosc's work when I got married.  I'd have flown him in from Paris to make my wedding cake. Not that we had a wedding cake, but we surely would have if we'd known about this.

Props to Alexander Dubosc for re-inventing animation in a whole new way. 
At last, someone has created animation you can watch, admire, and then eat.


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