Monday, 5 October 2015

Rich Jeffrey Animator at Studio Joho

Check out the excellent animation demo reel of Rich Jeffrey, an animation student at Escape Studios who took our three month intensive character animation course.  Rich had never done 3D animation before he started studying at Escape, and he built an excellent demo reel, impressing everyone with his swift grasp of the software, and the excellent character performances that he created.  If Rich can do this in just three months of study at Escape Studios, imagine what our students can achieve in three years on the new BA/MA in the Art of Computer Animation.

After leaving Escape Studios, Rich found work at Tiger Aspect Productions, where he directed a Pilot episode of Fingers McGraw for new TV series.

Rich now lives and works in New Zealand, working as a freelance animation artist at Studio Joho, creators of Dan The Man, and animators of The Adventures Of Kim Jong Un.

Rich's demo reel is exactly the kind of thing that employers are looking for. His work is fluid, well-timed, funny and entertaining.  Animators need to be more than just technicians - we must be performers, and give the audience a reason to watch our work.

Rich's demo reel ticks all the boxes.

To see an interview with Richard, including his tips for survival in the animation industry, follow this link.


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